Early Childhood Iowa(ECI) is a state wide initiative that began in  1998 with the vision of Every child beginning at birth will be healthy and successful.  The ECI office is located in the Iowa Department of Management and operates under the guidance of a state  board of directors.  Funding is distributed to local areas to support programs serving young children and their families. There are currently 38 local ECI area boards serving all 99 Iowa Counties.   

Who wants to volunteer?

The DHLW Board meets 8-10 times per year in various locations throughout the 4-county area.  We are currently seeking members from all 4 counties. Complete a member application and join us at a regularly scheduled meeting to learn more. 

DHLW Early Childhood Area is a designated ECI board made up of 7-11 volunteers.  The DHLW Board determines community needs for young children, establishes priorities, and provides funding for local programs offering services to families who reside in Des Moines, Henry, Louisa, and Washington counties.  ECI area boards must maintain gender balance and have members who represent local citizens, elected officials, education, health, human services, faith, business, and consumer. 

What is the DHLW Early Childhood Area?

DHLW Early Childhood Area

Every child beginning at birth will be safe, healthy, and successful.

What is Early Childhood Iowa?

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